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N9, MeeGo, Et Al

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  1. Nokia Suite:
    • limited support, for backup and sync
    • Contacts: cannot sync group
    • only on Windows
  2. NokiaLink:
  3. Qt SDK
    • for OS X, Windows and Linux; online or offline
    • Developer account required
  4. Flasher
  5. Repository

Dev Mode

  • Settings -> Security -> Developer mode

Remove Native Apps?

  • Native apps for Chinese Mainland, such as qunar, kaixin, cannot be purged before applying some tricks.
  • Package mp-harmattan-003-pr has dependencies on those apps, which if been removed, the phone would be frozen as a rock.
  • This site provides a work round, a patched package.

Selected Apps

  1. Foursquare: download and dpkg -i
  2. Skype: apt-get install account-plugin-skype l10n-app-skype
  3. Gtalk: apt-get install account-plugin-google-talk l10n-app-google
  4. Twitter: apt-get install twitter l10n-app-twitter webupload-service-twitter
  5. Facebook: apt-get install facebook l10n-app-facebook webupload-service-facebook